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Colombo Ezio

As a leader in the fasteners industry since 1958, Colombo Ezio & C. is committed to providing high-quality ring nuts and nuts for a wide range of industrial sectors. We leverage our know-how, years of experience, and focus on efficiency and sustainability to offer internationally recognized fastening solutions. Explore the excellence and innovation that sets us apart in the fasteners industry.

Over the years our recognized know-how and expertise, combined with our efficiency and sustainability, let us take hold of a leading role in the fastener industry.

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Years of experience

A concrete and constant commitment to sustainability, guided by principles that define our path towards a greener and more responsible future.

Implementation of corporate governance strategies to emphasise and promote environmental and social responsibility, ensuring an integrated approach to sustainability throughout the organisation.

Colombo Ezio

Environmental Sustainability

Commitment to reducing ecological impact through the use of LED lights, lower water consumption and recycling practices.

Colombo Ezio

Social sustainability

Support to local initiatives, demonstrating the company's social responsibility towards the community.

Colombo Ezio

Governance sustainability

Adherence to high standards of corporate governance, with transparent and ethical practices for long-term sustainability.

Why choose us

Flexibility and excellence at our customers’ service for more than 60 years

Birth of Colombo Ezio

In the summer, the company was established in Abbadia Lariana by Colombo Ezio, from which it takes its name, for the marketing and production of ring nuts and nuts.

Expansion and Relocation to Mandello del Lario

After nearly 30 years, the company expands its operations and moves to Mandello del Lario, investing in dedicated machinery for an even more efficient service.

Introduction of Automated Processes

In April, the company returns to Abbadia Lariana, in the former Tubettificio Ligure area. Here, it introduces production automation with the use of robotic cells for the manufacturing of high-precision ring nuts and nuts.

Expansion into Foreign Markets

High production efficiency and a high level of quality have led to positive results, allowing us to surpass national boundaries and specialize in the production of ring nuts and nuts in medium and large series.

Change of Ownership

Colombo Ezio changes ownership, becoming Colombo Ezio & C. and continues its expansion and internationalization, becoming one of the top players in the ring nuts market.

Adoption of Industry 4.0 Philosophy

Colombo Ezio embraces the "Industry 4.0" philosophy, investing in interconnected and interfaced systems to further optimize production.

Acquisition of OSRA Special Parts

In 2021, Colombo Ezio & C. continues with its expansion plan by acquiring OSRA SpA, a leading company in the production of custom-made special parts for various sectors, from automotive to construction. This step further broadens the company's product offering and strengthens its position in the international market.

Acquisition of CMM Lab

In 2022, Colombo Ezio & C. takes another major leap in expanding its operations by acquiring CMM Lab, a company specializing in the production of precision machinery. This move enriches its technological know-how, supporting the company's long-term objective to keep pace with the rapid evolution of the industrial sector.

The ESG commitment of Colombo Ezio & C.

A concrete and ongoing commitment to sustainability, guided by ESG principles that define our path towards a greener and more responsible future.